It is only fitting that I start my ‘bad mom’ page with a little shout out to the movie…

 “At least once a day, I feel like the worst mom in the world, and I cry in my car. Then I shuttle the kids to piano lessons and soccer games and dance classes and doctors’ appointments, before my daily trip to the grocery store. This chick seems like she’s got it all figured out. But I feel like I’m screwing up all the time. Still, I love being a mom.”

 Opening scene in the movie already had me nodding along. (don’t pretend you weren’t moved by at least one thing they said) I cannot be the only mom in the world who constantly questions herself; Should I have put them on a time out for that? Was i too hard on them? Was I not hard enough on them? Was the dinner i made healthy enough? Did they have enough water today? Do I yell too much? Is the house clean enough? Do they have enough toys? Do they have too many toys? “Am I doing a good job”? 

 Lets leave it at am I doing a good job. How many times a day,week,month do you ask yourself that. Am I good enough? We ask ourselves these questions way too much. YES you are good enough. YES you are doing a good job. 

“It means that Mommy and Daddy have been spoiling you, and now you think the world owes you something, but it doesn’t”  

 Can we all take a moment to appreciate this one. Thank you. Someone said it. SO many kids, too many kids these days think the world owes them something. Teach them young, hard work and dedication will go farther than just thinking the world is easy. Stop sugar-coating the world. The world is not sugary and sweet. It is hard and tasteless. Prepare them for the real world so they can LIVE and strive and not fail. Make them wash the dishes and clean their rooms, don’t make excuses for them, make them accountable. Kids make mistakes and that is OK, the world wont end because your child pushed someone on the play ground at five and got in trouble. Make them take responsibility for their actions and be helpful. Teach them to smile at strangers as they pass. Teach them to treat everyone as equals. The CEO is no more important than the homeless man on the street. Life is life. Make sure they know that. The world owes them, & us nothing. But we owe the world everything. 

Thank you Bad Moms 2016 For saying things us moms never would