September 12th 2014 I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl,Brookelynn Louise Kennedy. Our meeting wasn’t like most. I didn’t get to hold her, or really look at her right away. You see, she was born via C-section. She had an abundance of mucus in her lungs and needed to go to the incu. Her daddy got to hold her only long enough to show me her face, and then she was taken from us.

 In the recovery room at the hospital all i could think about was my baby, how I didn’t even get a good look at her… I couldn’t really see as I didn’t have my glasses. It had been 45 minutes without seeing or having my baby. Charles came in (Brookelynn’s daddy) and showed me a few videos of our beautiful girl. She was so curious, not crying. Just looking. She was sucking on his gloved hand in one, as they wanted her to latch to something. I couldn’t be me. And that hurt. i wanted so badly to see more than a video of my baby girl. I knew i had to wait.

 Up in the hospital room (2 hours late) they finally brought me my girl.(photo above) I had never felt so much love in my life. This little alien looking person, this little person I had never met took up so much room in my heart. She was perfect. She had my moms nails, my long fingers, daddies eye lashes and shape, my eye and hair color. I knew right away she was going to be smart as a whip (boy was I right).

 I was blessed to be able to breast feed. Although I would have been just as happy if I couldn’t. She had a good latch right away. the bond I felt while breastfeeding made me understand why mamas go through the bleeding and cracked nipples, the pain of the bites. It is such an amazing feeling to do something for your baby only you can do. But of course daddy wanted to be apart of the feedings too, as it is the biggest bonding time for a baby. So I decided to pump and breastfeed so daddy could get the cuddly baby love too. Your probably thinking didn’t she get nipple confused? No! she didn’t. She was fine with a bottle and a boob. She was happy to have daddy and I feeding I think.

 You never know how many choice you have to make until you have a baby. You have to choose right away if you want to vaccinate, If you want to breastfeed, if you want to co-sleep, what kind of schedule you want to try to work out. Will the diapers you chose be OK ? will they give your baby diaper rash? Will you give your baby a soother? So much is expected of you and your precious baby that the first day is so over-whelming, but worth it.

 Expecting mamas out there… remember one thing and you will be fine;

It Is Worth every second.